Fire Damage Restoration

We believe that the fire damage restoration process is as much about listening and caring for the emotional needs of the customers as in the actual physical repairs to a structure.

"We put your life back together!" 
Bringing your home or business back to its pre-loss condition.

When fire strikes, ABCO Inc. is there for you from the very beginning. We will make sure your property is boarded up, safe and secure; conduct a thorough scope of damage, and then with professional care restore it to its original condition. Worried about a lingering smoke smell? Don't be. We will get rid of that odor, and give you a 5 year written warranty.

What is fire damage restoration?

ABCO offers full service fire damage restoration, from initial inspection to final reconstruction and everything in between.

  • Inspection of fire damage.
    Immediately after the fire, we inspect the property and evaluate the extent of the damage. We'll prepare a computerized scope of repairs, work closely with the insurance adjuster, and take time to explain to you what needs to be done, and what it will take to bring your home or business back to its original condition or better.
  • Demolition and clean-up.
    Before restoration can begin, we make sure that any burned or damaged building material that cannot be restored is completely removed.
  • Mitigate water damage.
    Fire control may have left water damaged areas throughout your property. We will remove wet carpets other materials, use dehumidifiers and other state-of-the-art drying equipment, and remove any water-damaged furniture or possessions for storage and restoration.
  • Smoke smell!
    If left untreated, smoke odors can linger even after the fire damge has been restored and everything appears to be back to normal. When our job is done, we guarantee that there will be no smoke smell and your home or office will be fresh and clean.
  • fire-damage-restoration-before-afterComplete reconstruction.
    We can bring your property and possessions back to their original condition.

Whether you live in Elkhart, South Bend, Goshen, Mishawaka, Granger or Osceola IN, We have made a commitment not to chase "fire trucks" and pressure home owners into signing a repair contract at the moment of their shock and emotional tragedy. Unfortunately many of our competitors are convinced that they must take part in a "feeding frenzy" of "Sharks with Scanners" to secure work. We believe there is a "higher road to travel". Once a home is secured by a board up company, a brief process of interviewing and visiting the restoration contractor's place of business would go a long way to making a more informed decision as to what company should be selected.

Residential fire restoration

When your home is damaged by fire, what's most important to you is getting your home and its contents back to normal, and then getting back into your home as quickly as possible. You want to understand the costs involved, and you need someone on your side who understands the paperwork, the insurance company requirements, and most of all, listens to what you want when it comes to restoration. We can help. We'll repair your house and make it a "home" again!

Commercial fire restoration

Disaster recovery is a vital part of every business. You are losing money every day your business is inaccessible after a fire, and you need to be up and running as quickly as possible. We understand your needs, and will work with you from day one to create a plan for getting back in business quickly, and cost-effectively. Take a look at our testimonials page to read the stories of some of our many satisfied customers!