Storm Damage Restoration

We believe that the storm damage restoration process is as much about listening and caring for the emotional needs of the customers as in the actual physical repairs to a structure.

When extreme weather leaves its mark on your property

ABCO-Restoration-storm-damage-restoration-servicesStorm damage from wind and hail, tornadoes, snow and ice, extreme cold or fallen trees may come in the blink of an eye, but the damage can be devastating. When you live in South Bend, Elkhart, Goshen, Granger, Mishawaka or Osceola and are the victim of extreme weather, you can count on us to handle the loss from the very beginning, to the reconstruction and restoration of all storm damaged areas.

  • Immediate response.
    After your property has suffered storm damage, it's important to act immediately so that no further damage occurs. A prompt response to board up broken windows, tarp a damaged roof that may leak water into the property, and make sure the property is not in danger from loose power lines, is the first course of action.
  • Prompt repairs.
    After your property has been secured, we'll work with your insurance company to assess the storm damage, and begin work on the restoration immediately.
  • Pre-loss condition.
    We will work with you to ensure that your property is restored to its pre-loss condition in a timely manner.

Tree Loss

storm-damage-restoration-ABCO-Restoration-ServicesStrong winds or a tornado can uproot a tree in a matter of a few seconds. A compromised tree may even cause further damage if it is dangerously close to your property. We will handle the tree removal and the cleanup process, and if damage to your property has occurred, we will make all the necessary repairs and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Wind and Tornado Damage

Wind and tornado damage can result in broken windows and serious water damage. We will handle all emergency board-up to ensure security immediately. Our emergency water extraction services will mitigate water damage, and we will follow up with a thorough and complete restoration.

Hail Damage

Hailstorms can be devastating to homes and businesses, causing severe damage to roofs and siding. We will assess the damage immediately, and precisely match your roofing and siding materials, colors, and styles to make your property look good as new.

Snow and Ice Damage

Heavy snow and ice can damage roofs, cause leaks, and may result in mold or structural damage. If your property has suffered damage from snow or ice, we will do an immediate inspection to assess the damage and determine the cause, and repair the damage promptly.